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By LutaValentina

Meet me in Berlin for the @Diversity Coaching Workshop

On 10, Gen 2014 | In News | By LutaValentina

From 15th to 18th of january 2014 I will be in Berlin to partecipate to the @Diversity Coaching Workshop, a creative coaching and consulting for the winners of the 2013 edition of the @Diversity – European Idea Competition Award. See you there!
The @Diversity – European Idea Competition website.

The workshop is going to be held in Berlin from 16th to 17th of january, with three coaches holding sessions on strategy planning designed to shake-up the ideas, give access to the creative resources of all winners and expand the creative potential of the winning ideas in a collaborative environment. At the end of the two-day workshop, roadmaps for each idea will be composed, thus better introducing to the online consulting wich aims to help the winners in the research of 2 pitching or stakeholder events per idea, taking place between the start of the online coaching and mid-September 2014.
A lot of work to do… can’t wait to be in Berlin!
General idea and creative value creation for “customers”
Personal resources, team structure, competencies
Process, means, networking, next steps
Strategy, business models, financing

  • Day 1 – 16th January 2014 – Bring your idea to the next level
  • Introduction by Thierry Baujard (Skype from Rudy De Waele)
    “Breaking the ice” session by Klaus Haasis
    Workshop 1 Creative Teamwork Creative Thinking Klaus Haasis
    Workshop 2 Creative Business Juliane Schulze
    Workshop 3 Creative Money Eugene Smyth

  • Day2 – 17th January 2014 – Technology is the key
  • Introduction to technology topics – Alexander Berlin, Peacefulfish
    Topic 1: New Ways of Digital Distribution – Philipp Hoffmann, VOD Consulting
    Topic 2: Introduction to key mobile internet technologies – Michael Kleinhenz, CEO Questor GmbH
    Topic 3: Secure your creative treasures; IT Security for Small Enterprises – Manel Medina, ENISANIS
    Topic 4: Open Source – Dr. Ralf Allrutz, Allrutz Consulting
    Topic 5: Presentation of the @diversity coaching platform – Fanis Sklinos, INDEV

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