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By LutaValentina

“HE/DE la guía a la ciudad amueblada” on Shift 2020

On 20, Gen 2014 | In News | By LutaValentina

What an honor! “HE/DE la guía a la ciudad amueblada” (translated: “HE/DE the guide to the furnished city”), and the other winning ideas of the 2013 edition of the @Diversity – European Idea Competition, have been published into the book “Shift 2020 – How Technology Will Impact Our Future”, a collaborative book curated by Rudy De Waele and designed by Louise Campbell, with contributions from some of the world’s leading experts. “Shift 2020” gives an understanding how technology is going to influence, shape and impact our daily life in the near future.
To know more about how technology will impact our future, here you have the official website of “Shift 2020”.

“Shift 2020” is a 80 page eBook, paperback or hardcover photobook, including insights, quotes and articles from industry leaders on the future of mobile technology and how it can change the world. In addition to most of the original Mobile Trends 2020 contributors, the content is extended with contributions of some 50 new experts from around the globe who are prominent futurists and trend-predictors and industry leaders.
shift2020 - atdiversity - HEDE - luta valentina morciano
The section of the book dedicated to the winners of the @Diversity – European Idea Competition.

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