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On 18, Giu 2013 | In | By LutaValentina

ethnicity – The guide to the multiethnic city

Ethnicity is a multimedia guide with the purpose of encouraging the exploration of multiethnic cities all across Europe. Case study: city of Milan. Tasks included: coming up with the creative concept and bringing the idea to life by branding, naming, creating a visual identity and a logo, designing a prototype of the app and website, creating print-ready files of promotional material.
Ethnicity gives the user a chance to see the city under a new light and to take a look at the peculiar changes produced by different cultures living in the same territory.

Each city has been imagined as a tower divided into planes. Each plane represents a different multi-ethnic neighborhood. Ethnicity’s tower evokes the famous Tower of Babel, which was an ancient human attempt to reach the sky. As they built higher and higher, God decided to punish them and made them speak different languages. While the original tower ended up separating people, Ethnicity’s tower is the place where different cultures meet and understand each other again.
ethnicity - towers - luta valentina morciano - graphic design - diseno grafico
The guide features a mobile application for iPhone and Android, a Facebook game, a responsive website which automatically adjusts to the size of the display screen device that is being used (iPad, tablet, personal computer, etc), and a free magazine distributed in the streets and financed through advertisement.
ethnicity - ipad 2 - luta valentina morciano - graphic design - diseno grafico
ethnicity - ipad 1 - luta valentina morciano - graphic design - diseno grafico
When the user visits the city using Ethnicity’s app, the augmented reality content enlarges the multiethnic and multicultural perception of the territory. There is no established route on the map, but points of interest that allow the user to move freely in the urban space.
ethnicity - app mobile 1 - luta valentina morciano - graphic design - diseno grafico
University project. Master’s Degree in Communication Design. Polytechnic University of Milan.
Conceptualized and designed by:
Luta Valentina Morciano
Swan Lefevre
Pinar Cevikayak
Elena Presneacova
Fabrizio Paiano
Country: Italy
Year: 2011

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