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<!--:en-->Dreams for All – Short movie<!--:--> <!--:en-->Dreams for All – Short movie<!--:--> <!--:en-->Dreams for All – Short movie<!--:--> <!--:en-->Dreams for All – Short movie<!--:-->

On 18, Giu 2013 | In | By LutaValentina

Dreams for All – Short movie

Creation of a visual identity for “Sueños para Todos” (translated: “Dreams for All”), an independent short movie whose story deals with the drama and the social tragedy of forced evictions in Spain. Design of “Sueños para Todos” custom logo, poster and several promotional and display materials such as invitation cards and DVD cover, and preparation of print-ready files. I also worked as assistant director during filming.
The movie goes deep into the lives of those people who have lost it all due to evictions, who now can only rely on what is left of their dreams.

Vertical version of “Sueños para Todos” logo and pay-off:
spt - logo - payoff - luta valentina morciano - graphic design - diseno grafico
Horizontal version of “Sueños para Todos” logo:
spt - logo lungo - luta valentina morciano - graphic design - diseno grafico
“Sueños para Todos” poster and part of the crew the day of the premiere, just outside of the Regional Film Library of Murcia, Spain:
spt - equipo - film crew - estreno - cinema premiere - luta valentina morciano - graphic design - diseno grafico
Official Facebook page of “Sueños para Todos”:
Client: Icon_lab
Film Crew:

Producer – Icon_lab
Executive Producer – Luigi Doto
Line Producer – Emanuele Sangalli, Almudena Castillo Dólera
Production Assistant – Al Fernández, Luis Arturo Sánchez Jiménez
Cast – Adriana Gil, Al Fernández, Daniel Jordán
Off-stage Commentary – Trinidad Abellán
Director, Screenwriter – Luigi Doto
Director of Photography, First Assistant Director – Emanuele Sangalli
Graphic Designer, Assistant Director – Luta Valentina Morciano
Art Director, Stills Photographer – Helena Lardín Muñoz
Production Sound Mixer – Gaby Serrano Hernández
Lighting Technician – Lola Izquierdo Lison
Production Assistant – Almudena Castillo Dólera
Make-up Artist, Hairdresser – Julián Paredes
Poster Illustrator – Lucia Stefanetti
Head of Press – Trinidad Abellán
Film Editor – Luigi Doto
Post-production Alteration – Luigi Doto, Emanuele Sangalli
Dialogue Editor, Sound Editor – Emiliano Baldassarro
Re-recording Mixer – Emiliano Baldassarro, Gaby Serrano Hernández
Composer – Loris Mulassano
Country: Spain
Year: 2013

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