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On 19, Giu 2013 | In | By LutaValentina

The @diversity Journey – Animated video

Short video realized in occasion of the @diversity’s Final Seminar in Brussels (Belgium). The animated video recounts the story of the @diversity 2-years EU funded project. More information at:
Tasks included: coming up with the creative concept following the client’s brief, and bringing the idea to life by designing and animating the video.
The video has been projected during “The Creative Shift Forum”, an event hosted at Flagey, from 10.30 am to 08.00 pm CET on 29th Spetember 2014. “The Creative Shift Forum” is supported by the European Commission under the Creative Europe programme.

Some screenshots:
At Diversity Journey - video1 - Luta Valentina Morciano
At Diversity Journet - video2 - Luta Valentina Morciano
At Diversity Journey - video3 - Luta Valentina Morciano
At Diversity Jourey - video4 - Luta Valentina Morciano
At Diversity Journey - video5 - Luta Valentina Morciano
The EU pilot project @diversity – innovative ideas for cultural and creative industries in Europe is an EU funded competition and incubation program that transformed innovative ideas into new business models to find private funding. @diversity supported outstanding ideas in Europe in order to identify competitive business models shaping the future of the cultural industry.
Client: @diversity – Peacefulfish
Art direction, graphic design and animation:
 Luta Valentina Morciano
In collaboration with:
Project Manager – Athina Markopoulou (Peacefulfish)
Project Manager – Alessandra Meloni (Peacefulfish)
Country: Belgium
Year: 2014

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