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By LutaValentina

On 13, Mar 2014 | In | By LutaValentina

HE/DE – Promotional video

Development from concept to design of a promotional video for my award winning project/start-up “HE/DE la guía a la ciudad amueblada” (English translation: HE/DE the guide to the furnished city), an app that encourages creative people to share, collect, refurbish and sell furniture abandoned every day on Spanish city streets as a fresh, fun and innovative form of sustainable livelihood, and not only as a way of subsistence of the poor. The guide is now seeking for capital investments and partners/team members who believe in social innovation, willing to contribute unique talents and essential skills to this project.
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On 19, Giu 2013 | In | By LutaValentina

The @diversity Journey – Animated video

Short video realized in occasion of the @diversity’s Final Seminar in Brussels (Belgium). The animated video recounts the story of the @diversity 2-years EU funded project. More information at:
Tasks included: coming up with the creative concept following the client’s brief, and bringing the idea to life by designing and animating the video.
The video has been projected during “The Creative Shift Forum”, an event hosted at Flagey, from 10.30 am to 08.00 pm CET on 29th Spetember 2014. “The Creative Shift Forum” is supported by the European Commission under the Creative Europe programme.
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On 18, Giu 2013 | In | By LutaValentina

ethnicity – The guide to the multiethnic city

Ethnicity is a multimedia guide with the purpose of encouraging the exploration of multiethnic cities all across Europe. Case study: city of Milan. Tasks included: coming up with the creative concept and bringing the idea to life by branding, naming, creating a visual identity and a logo, designing a prototype of the app and website, creating print-ready files of promotional material.
Ethnicity gives the user a chance to see the city under a new light and to take a look at the peculiar changes produced by different cultures living in the same territory.
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<!--:en-->Dreams for All – Short movie<!--:--> <!--:en-->Dreams for All – Short movie<!--:--> <!--:en-->Dreams for All – Short movie<!--:--> <!--:en-->Dreams for All – Short movie<!--:-->

On 18, Giu 2013 | In | By LutaValentina

Dreams for All – Short movie

Creation of a visual identity for “Sueños para Todos” (translated: “Dreams for All”), an independent short movie whose story deals with the drama and the social tragedy of forced evictions in Spain. Design of “Sueños para Todos” custom logo, poster and several promotional and display materials such as invitation cards and DVD cover, and preparation of print-ready files. I also worked as assistant director during filming.
The movie goes deep into the lives of those people who have lost it all due to evictions, who now can only rely on what is left of their dreams.
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