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On 19, Giu 2013 | In | By LutaValentina

The @diversity Journey – Animated video

The 2-minute animated video has been realized for the occasion of the @diversity’s Final Seminar in Brussels and projected during “The Creative Shift Forum”. The event was financed and supported by the European Commission under the Creative Europe programme and hosted at Flagey, an iconic cultural centre in Brussels, on the 29th September 2014.
The video recounts the story of @diversity, a 2-year EU funded project to support European cultural and creative industries, through the eyes of Divy, a fictional animated character representing one of the 12 winners of the @diversity award. In the video we see Divy conceiving an idea, applying to the competition, and being awarded with participation to the incubation program through which his idea helps shape the future of cultural industries in Europe.
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On 18, Giu 2013 | In | By LutaValentina

ethnicity – Creative concept for a digital experience

Ethnicity is a digital guide promoting the exploration of multi-ethnic neighborhoods of cities all across Europe. It gives its users a chance to see the city under a new light and to take a look at the peculiar changes produced by different cultures living on the same territory.
The case study for the first app features the city of Milan. After performing ethnographic research on the territory and its inhabitants, the city has been reimagined as a tower divided into several floors, each of which represents a multi-ethnic neighborhood. Ethnicity’s tower evokes the famous Tower of Babel and turns it on its head – here different cultures come together and come to understand each other once more.
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<!--:en-->Sueños para todos – visual identity<!--:--> <!--:en-->Sueños para todos – visual identity<!--:--> <!--:en-->Sueños para todos – visual identity<!--:--> <!--:en-->Sueños para todos – visual identity<!--:-->

On 18, Giu 2013 | In | By LutaValentina

Sueños para todos – visual identity

As Art Director and Graphic Designer for this project, I created the visual identity for Sueños para Todos (Dreams for All), an independent short film on which I also served as assistant director. The film recounts the stories of Spanish people who lost their homes to forced evictions following the 2008 economic crisis, left with remnants on their dreams to rely on.
Inspired by the social impact communicated in the film, I created a minimal yet bold visual identity in tones of black and white, designing a custom logo, poster, and prepared print-ready files for various promotional materials including invitation cards and a DVD cover.
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